Client Endorsements

Our Members Love Body Wise Fitness!

Every time I attempted to exercise, I gave up. Exercising in a big gym just felt uncomfortable. Body Wise Fitness has provided me with a wonderful experience. Not only is the gym clean with a friendly staff, but it provides you with a spiritual encouragement to achieve your goals. For the first time, I feel excited about working out and I feel I can achieve my goals of losing the extra pounds.” Tina Marie

I’ve found that Body Wise Fitness has really had a positive result in my workouts – mentally and especially physically. Its clean surroundings are one of the best I’ve seen and its message really helps me get that extra ‘push’ in my workouts. The benefits that have worked their way into my personal and professional life are insurmountable. ” Sean M.

Body Wise Fitness is clean and full of light! Wonderful caring people who greet you, smile and make you feel important. I personally love the red state-of-the-art equipment and appreciate that it is maintained properly.” Debbie H.

Body Wise Fitness’ golf conditioning and nutrition programs have been very beneficial. My game has improved with a stronger core, better swing control, a better mental game and an overall better physical feeling. My trainer’s constant encouragement and positive attitude have helped me in my continued progress.” Robert U.

I like going to Body Wise Fitness. The staff greets me by name and I feel comfortable working out. If I need help, there is always someone to assist me. The gym is always clean, and I don’t have to worry about picking up germs from the equipment. I highly recommend Body Wise Fitness!” Nancy M.

I was a member of one of the ‘big’ clubs, but I was fascinated to hear about Body Wise Fitness – a clean and wholesome environment with state-of-the-art equipment. I have been a member for 2 years and it is a great place to workout with great people. Bring the family!” Larry S.

Body Wise Fitness provides a fun and encouraging environment to get in shape, as well as to maintain and excel in one’s fitness goals. The gym’s staff and members are friendly and fitness-oriented, and the weights and equipment are as good or superior to the franchise gyms!” Matt K.

After years of working out in overcrowded gyms I have found my sanctuary. Body Wise Fitness has great equipment, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and offers an array of workout options that are tailored to each individual’s needs. Body Wise Fitness is the best neighborhood Gym around.” Christine