Body Wise Fitness | Costa Mesa

  • Body Wise Fitness is a Clean and Friendly place!

    We are proud to offer a Positive and Non -threatening center for you to get fit. You won't be subjected to bad music and language. Among the many advantages we have over the chain clubs include a wide variety of excellent cardio and strength equipment. No waiting for equipment or time limits, and Cleanliness!

  • Our Trainers!

    Our trainers and therapists are certified and credentialed. Most are highly skilled with lengthy experience enabling them to meet your unique needs. We currently work with people out of rehab. Heart and stroke patients, sport specific athletes, Seniors, the obese, pre and post pregnancy. We pride ourselves on taking you to the next level!

  • Our Services!

    We serve your needs with Gym membership, Personal Training and Partner Training, Kid's Youth Performance program, (ages 8-12).Silver Sneakers Seniors strength and Zumba classes, Weight Loss Program, Golf Conditioning.

  • Would You like to lose 30 lbs. in 30 days?

    We offer the Fastest, Safest, and Cost effective weight loss program available anywhere in the world! At Body Wise Fitness we have personally introduced this program to over 200 of our members, clients, and friends in the past 2 yrs. all with significant to amazing results! We are thrilled to report our clients have lost over 2 Tons of Fat! ( 4,000 lbs.) That makes everyone happy ! Our system uses your fat stores as energy so you can burn a pound or more a day. Click below for Results!

  • The 180 Executive Fitness Program!

    A comprehensive 12 week goal oriented, structured, get fit system incorporating cardio, core, and strength exercise, accountability, and weight loss program. Guaranteed to change your life!

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Personal Training:

B.W.F prides itself on Results from our Personal Fitness Training program. Our trainers are certified and experienced, very capable of taking you to the next level.

Our Successes include: Weight loss, Rehab, pre/post pregnancy, sport specific, stroke, senior’s strength, core conditioning. You’ll have a very productive and satisfying experience!


Keep your New Years Resolution!

Get in shape, maintain your health and excel your fitness goals! Workout in a clean and wholesome environment with state-of-the-art equipment!.

Video of Our Fitness Center